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Members Present

The following points were discussed:

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 27.4.2017 were ratified, signed by the President and Secretary and directed to be posted on the Notice Board. As and when provision is made in the website, the minutes will also be uploaded on the website.

2. Follow up of Minutes:

2a. Formation of Sub Committees:

All members were directed to form their sub-committees and circulate the names by email for approval at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

2b. Treasurer’s Report:

It was decided that the President, Secretary and Treasurer would have a meeting with Mr. B. Selvarajan, Chartered Accountant, on 8.5.2017 to discuss all matters relating to finances. A report on the same would be presented at the next meeting of the Executive Committee. The President emphasized that all measures would be taken to ensure fiscal discipline and responsibility. The budget for the year would also be prepared.

2c. Car Parking:

Mr. K.S. Arumugam, Executive Committee member set out various options available for solving the vexed issue of car parking. It was explained to the Committee that the car parking problem had become acute because of the temporary structure and barricade put up by CISF. It was decided to make an accurate sketch of the entire MBA car park with 2 options for easing the car parking problem. Mr. K.S. Arumugam would prepare the papers and the committee would meet the High Court Authorities to work out a solution at the earliest.

2d. Directory of Members:

The Secretary stated that he would send an email and SMS to members on updating all contact information and photograph. It was also decided that a calendar of events would be prepared for the entire year upto the end of April 2018.

3. Technology:

3a. The committee decided that the website of the Association would be re-designed and upgraded by using the latest technology and for that purpose, had requested a website designer to be present. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the President and Mr. L. Bhaskaran, Member in-charge of Technology would meet the Website designer on 9.5.2017 for a detailed discussion.

3b. The Committee also requested Mr. L. Bhaskaran to start an official whatsapp group for quick communication between members.

3c. Strengthening of Wi-Fi in the Association Premises:

A letter has been given to BSNL to increase the speed of the 3 connections from 8 mbps to 24 mbps and this would come into effect from the next billing cycle. Mr. L. Bhaskaran also informed the Committee that he had contacted ACT, a service provider, to provide fast and reliable service and they had informed him that they would be starting their service in this area by August 2017.

3d. The member in charge of Technology had also obtained a quotation from a leading Wi-Fi Solution provider for putting in a hot spot gateway server with 8 port switches etc., which would manage wireless network effectively and with better speed. It was decided to discuss the issue with the company further.

4. Estate Governance:

Mrs. Dhakshayani Venkatesh and Mr.V.T. Balaji have obtained quotations for Pest control treatment and deep cleaning of the entire premises and it was decided that the deep cleaning would be done every six months. The quotation would be circulated by email and after approval, work would be carried out before end of the vacation.

5. Improving the Cafe:

Mr. V.T. Balaji would purchase a new microwave oven, water cooler and a few dishes to improve services in the Cafe.

6. Air Conditioning:

It was reported that 3 Air conditioners (2 in the Reference Section and one in the Justice Anand Hall) were very old and were not cooling at all and it was decided to replace 3 air conditioners by putting a new air conditioner in the Xerox Section, shifting the Xerox Section air conditioner to Justice Anand Hall and replacing 2 air conditioners in the Reference Section. Competitive quotations would be obtained before taking a decision.

7. President’s Report:

The President set out his plans for the following events.

a) There would be a conference on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code in collaboration with the Revenue Bar Association by inviting the Chairman of National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. Further details would be furnished after firming up the plans.

b. Birthday Book Scheme:

To improve the Library, members would be requested to join the birthday book scheme. A list of books (both Indian and Foreign) with varying budgets would be prepared by the Librarian Mr. Karunagaran in consultation with Mr. Satish Parasaran. The list of books along with price would be displayed on the Notice Board and website and 2 weeks before the birthday of each member, an email would be generated to request the member to contribute to the purchase of one book. Once this book is purchased, it will be removed from the list and other books added. This scheme would be purely voluntary and would contribute substantially to upgrading the Library by bringing in quality books.

c. Free Legal Aid by Senior Advocate:

This scheme would be in collaboration with a newly formed forum – Tamil Nadu Senior Advocate Forum (TNSAF). Under the Scheme those senior advocates who enroll in the scheme (purely voluntary) would set apart time to take up one case per month on a totally pro bono basis. Details of the scheme would be worked out and plans would be made to launch this scheme by end of June 2017.

8. Secretary’s Report:

The President set out his plans for the following events.

a. The Secretary stated that in order to solve the car parking issue, which was of utmost importance, the entire committee should meet the Hon’ble Chief Justice and the Building Committee and Security Committee Hon’ble Judges to make a comprehensive representation seeking additional space/opening of North-East entrance and to have a separate exit for out-going cars.

b. The Secretary also suggested that the Association could have a comprehensive group insurance scheme for members and a separate scheme for staff.

c. Considering the increased usage of the facilities, the Secretary suggested that another E-Library could be opened on the western side by seeking additional space and an appropriate representation would be made to the High Court.

9. Cooption of Associate Member:

After discussion and consensus, it was decided to co-opt Mr. P.J Rishikesh.

10. Any Other Matters:

Since there was no other matter to be discussed, the meeting was ended with Vote of Thanks by Secretary. The date and time of the next meeting would be intimated.

Vijay Narayan
V.R. Kamalanathan