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Members Present

The following points were discussed:

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 10.05.2017 were ratified, signed by the President and Secretary and directed to be placed on the Notice Board.

2. It was decided to hold condolence meeting on 14.06.2017 at 1.45 p.m. to condole the demises of the following members.

  Tmt. B.Krishnaveni

  Thiru S.Byravan

  Tmt. K.Bhavadharini

  Thiru I.Paul Nobel Devakumar

3. The Committee took note of the various improvements done in the Association premises including deep cleaning, repair of furniture, installation of A.C’s rearranging of books, improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity, new equipment and Crockery, cutlery etc. purchased for the cafe, improvements in the rest room, etc and commended the concerned EC Members for the same. The Treasurer was requested to present the statement of accounts spent for all these improvements.

4. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported on the number of Accounts.It was found that there were eight accounts besides Fixed Deposits. The following decisions were taken.

   Madras Bar Association main account would be closed and shifted from a Cooperative Bank to Nationalized Bank so that we can get the facility of credit card payments.

   MBA 150 Year’s Account had a credit balance of Rs.91,000/- after defraying all the expenses. It was found that many of the members have not paid the amount as decided in the EGM and there was an outstanding balance. Therefore it was decided to make a final request to make the payment and thereafter proceed further.

   Mr. Allah Pichai’s Savings Bank Account would be closed and amount will be disbursed to him.

  A Group Insurance Scheme would be started for all employees and Treasurer would take steps in this regard by obtaining the details of the scheme from a Nationalized Company and a Private Company.

   An appointment would be fixed with the Auditor to discuss various items including the budget.

5. Starting of Official Whatsup

The Member in charge (Technology) Mr.L.Bhaskaran would examine all aspects and submit a report on this.

6. Note by Shri Aravind Datar, Senior Advocate

Mr. Aravind Datar had submitted a note on challenging the recent Finance Act which had amended the conditions of services of members in respect of 17 Tribunals. Since it was felt that this was in violation of the judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the National Tax Tribunal case and National Company Law Tribunal Case (both initiated by MBA), he suggested that a Writ Petition can be filed in the Madras High Court to challenge these Provisions. Since it is a continuation of earlier proceedings, the Committee approved his suggestion and authorized the President to engage Counsels, sign Vakalats and take all necessary steps to prosecute this case diligently.

7. S.R.Audio:

The details of the payment of Rs.3,88,080/- made have already been reported in the last minutes and the President informed the Committee that a letter had been sent by RPAD to S.R.Audio Company for refund of the amount.

8. Review of Bye Laws and Constitution of the Committee for the same:

It was felt that the Bye Laws needed comprehensive revision since there were a number of ambiguities in the same. It was decided to appoint a Committee to comprehensively overhaul the Bye Laws and accordingly the following committee was appointed:

  Thiru M.S. Krishnan, Senior Advocate

  Thiru AR. L. Sundaresan, Senior Advocate

  Thiru Aravind Pandian, Senior Advocate

  Thiru N.L.Rajah, Senior Advocate

  Tmt. Thilagavathi, Senior Advocate

  Thiru Mani Sundar Gopal, Advocate

  Thiru J. Saravanavel Advocate

The Committee would be requested to submit the revised Bye-Laws at the earliest and the same would be placed before the Executive Committee for approval and thereafter would be placed before the General Body.

9. Naming of Library Section

It was felt that some sort of criteria should be evolved for naming of the Library Section and accordingly it was decided that the same committee mentioned above would frame these guidelines also and pending framing of guidelines, no fresh namingof Library Sections would be undertaken.

10. High Court Building 125th year Celebration

The President informed the Committeethat the High Court building was turning 125 years on 12.7.2017 and the High Court was planning an official function shortly thereafter. It was decided that Madras Bar Association will also have a function on 12.07.2017 by inviting a heritage expert to talk about the building. Details would be worked out and informed.

11. Birthday Books Scheme

It was decided to launch this scheme on 15.6.2017 and to invite Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manikumar as the Chief Guest.

11. Portrait Gallery

The President requested Mrs.Dakshayani Venkatesh & Mr.L.Bhaskaran to examine the feasibility of arranging the portraits in a pleasing manner and creating space for additional portraits.

13. Arrears

Treasurer was requested to make all out efforts to collect the arrears of subscriptions

14. International Yoga Day

It was decided to celebrate International Yoga Day by inviting Mr.M.Muthusamy, Senior Advocate to deliver a talk and have a demonstration on 21.06.2017.

15. The Secretary suggested that fresh uniforms and shoes may be provided to all staff members. Mrs.Dakshayini Venkatesh was requested to obtain samples and quotation.

16. The Committee also took note of the fact that below the logo of MBA the words “150 years” were continued to be used, even though the celebrations were over 2 years ago. It was felt that the above words below the logo was no longer necessary since it was confusing and hence it was decided to replace the words with “Estd.1865”.

17. Any Other matter

   It was decided that 9 chairs would be ordered for the Committee room.

   A letter was received from Mr.N.G.R. Prasad regarding certain issues including the CISF and appropriate reply would be given by the President.

   Since there was no other point to discuss, the meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by the Secretary.

Vijay Narayan
V.R. Kamalanathan