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Members Present

The following points were discussed:

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 05.05.2017 were ratified, signed by the President and Secretary and directed to be posted on the Notice Board. The President explained that this meeting had to be called urgently since decisions had to be taken in respect of a few works, which had to be done during the vacation.

The President also extended a warm welcome to Mr.P.J.Rishikesh, the co-opted member.

2. Car Parking solutions

Pursuant to the last meeting, Mr.K.S.Arumugam had prepared detailed drawings, which were shown to the committee and the same was approved. Two options had been suggested in the drawing itself and the decision was taken to meet the Chairman of the building committee of the High Court and make a proposal, after tracing the file relating to the original allotment. This meeting took place immediately after the EC meeting and the Chairman of the building committee requested MBA to make a detailed proposal, which would be taken up for consideration.

3. Wi-Fi solutions

After the last meeting, detailed discussions were had with the company, which had put forward a proposal for offering Wi-Fi solutions. It was decided as follows;

a) The quotation dated 04.05.2017 for Rs.1,23,900/- made by M/s. Hotspot Chennai Communication, Chennai was acceptable. Negotiations would be done with the company, which was offering the cabling solutions.

b) An advance was directed to be paid for supply of equipment and the work would be carried out during the vacation itself.

c) The equipment would ensure that non-members would not be able to log into the network. It would also ensure that bandwidth would be equally distributed among all persons who have logged into the network.

d) Since there were a number of complaints against BSNL, it was decided to explore the possibility of getting a connection from Airtel or any other broadband service provider. The committee was informed that permission would have to be obtained from the building committee of the High Court and steps would be taken in this regard. Mr.P.J.Rishikesh stated that he knew the top management in Airtel and would put them in touch with the member in charge of technology.

4. Website design

The President informed the committee that the member in charge of technology Mr.L.Baskaran, and himself had a meeting with the website designer and a number of issues were discussed. Pursuant to this meeting, report of which was placed before the committee, it was decided to redesign and upgrade the website by using the latest technology. The recommendations were as follows:

a) The website would be redesigned by using HTML 5 instead of HTML 2

b) The server would be moved from Yahoo to Google

c) The redesigned website would provide for displaying minutes, circulars, photographs et cetera and would be continuously updated on a daily basis by the member in charge of technology after getting approval from the Secretary.

d) The cost of designing the website was Rs.55,000/- and in advance of Rs.20,000/- would be paid.

e) The first years storage fee of Rs.14,999/- would be paid to Google.

5. Treasurers report

The President, Secretary and Treasurer met the auditor on 08.05.2017 and the following issues were discussed:

a) there was an urgent necessity to professionalise the financial management of MBA by introducing measures to ensure fiscal discipline and fiscal responsibility.

b) There was a need to have an annual budget which would be approved by the General Body in the last week of March of every year and thereafter the income and expense of the following year would be based on the budget so presented.

c) A request was made to the auditor to engage the services of a young auditor who could give advice on an on-going basis to see that the finances are professionally managed

d) There was a need to take decisions on broader issues such as registration under the income tax act, the welfare trust, writing off past dues, group insurance for members and staff, etc

e) Since the auditor was taking his annual vacation further steps would be taken after his return.

It was also decided to explore the feasibility of starting a group insurance scheme for members and a separate scheme for employees. The committee authorized the Treasurer, along with Mrs.Dhakshayani Venkatesh and L.Baskaran to look into the matter and submit a report. Mr.P.J.Rishikesh informed the committee that he had close contacts with a couple of nationalized insurance companies and he would put them in touch with the committee.

6. Cleaning quotations:

The committee had received two quotations and after discussion, it was decided to authorize Mr.V.T.Balaji to negotiate and proceed. So also, he was authorized to negotiate and proceed with the miscellaneous carpentry and interior work in the manager’s cabin.

7. The Treasurer reported on perusal of the accounts it shows a sum of Rs.3,88,080/- paid to M/s.S.R.Audio & Electricals by way of two cheques for the purchase of 33 Nos LED Tube Lights by the previous committee and so far the bulbs had not been installed and the amount also not been recovered. Taking into consideration of the amount which is lying with the Electric agency it is decided to sent a reminder to the said agency seeking for refunding of the said amount of Rs.3,88,080/-.

8. Any other matter

The librarian Mr.R. Karunagaran informed the committee that he had finalized the contract for the binding at Rs.220 for the new as well as old books.

The quotations for purchase of new air-conditioners was perused and it was decided to buy 3 nos. 2 tons split air-conditioners of O’General Brand. The work will be carried out during the vacation itself.

9. The Committee had decided to be ‘AT HOME’ to our members on the reopening day i.e on 01.06.2017 and entire catering bill will be borne by the Committee personally.

10. It is decided to bid farewell to Hon’ble Mr.Justice B.Gokuldas on 05.06.2017.

Since the Committee has decided to release the MBA Directory 2017 after correcting the draft of the said directory and in this regard it is decided to reduce the cost of printing by inviting advertisements from the booksellers and from others connected to our legal profession and to have it at the end of the directory and the advertisement charges are Full Page at the rate of Rs.40,000/- per page and Half Page at the rate of Rs.20,000/-. Mr.S.Thiruvengadam, Treasurer, Mr.R.Karungaran, Librarian and E.C.Members Mrs.Dakshayini Venkatesh and Mr.K.S.Arumugam will deal with the said subject and get the advertisements at the earliest.

14. The following SUB – COMMITTEEs have been constituted for better service to our members.

It was decided to celebrate International Yoga Day by inviting Mr.M.Muthusamy, Senior Advocate to deliver a talk and have a demonstration on 21.06.2017.


Mr.S.Thiruvengadam – Treasurer




   Mr.Arun Anbumani


   Mr.Krishna Pradeep


Mr.R.Karunagaran – Librarian

   Mr.Satish K.Parasaran





   Mr.Mubarak Basha


Mr.V.T.Balaji – EC Member



   Mrs.Srividhya Aravindan




Mrs. Dhakshayini Venkatesh



   Mrs. A.Nilaphar

   Mr.Godson Swaminathan

   Mrs.Suganyadevi Duraichamy



Mr.L.Baskaran, - EC Member





   Mr.Vivek Girish Menon


Mr.K.S.Arumugam – EC Member


   Mr.E.Sampath Kumar

   Mr.Ramesh Venkatachalapathy


   Mrs.Kritika Kamal


Mr.Ponram Rajaa











   Mr.C.Harsha Raj

   Mr.Richardson Wilson

   Mr.Arvind Srevatsa

   Mr.S.Satish kumar

   Mr.Y.T.Arvind Gosh

   Mr.Kamalesh Kannan


13. It is decided to have ‘AT HOME’ to our members by the recently designated Senior Advocates from our Association and as per the convention the entire expenses will be borne by the said designated Senior Advocates.

14. The old books have been identified and Mr.R.Karunagaran, Librarian and Mr.V.T.Balaji, EC Member, will decide and donate the same to any other deserving Bar Association or to any of our member.

Since there was no other matter to be discussed, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the Secretary.

Vijay Narayan
V.R. Kamalanathan