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Members Present

Welcome address by the President

The President welcomed all the members to the first meeting of the Executive Committee. In his opening remarks, he stated that the Committee had to discharge the faith and trust reposed by the General Body of the Madras Bar Association and each member had to put in his/her efforts to ensure that the responsibilities assigned are faithfully discharged. He further stated that the Committee would function with utmost transparency and integrity and that the General Body should at all times be aware of the discussions being held in the committee meeting.

2. Change of Bank Signatories

The Committee approved the change of signatories and as per the Bye-Laws, the two signatories (joint signatories) in respect of all accounts would be the secretary and treasurer.

3. Allocation of responsibilities

The following were responsibilities allocated to each Executive Committee Member.

2c. Car Parking:

Mr. K.S. Arumugam, Executive Committee member set out various options available for solving the vexed issue of car parking. It was explained to the Committee that the car parking problem had become acute because of the temporary structure and barricade put up by CISF. It was decided to make an accurate sketch of the entire MBA car park with 2 options for easing the car parking problem. Mr. K.S. Arumugam would prepare the papers and the committee would meet the High Court Authorities to work out a solution at the earliest.

2d. Directory of Members:

The Secretary stated that he would send an email and SMS to members on updating all contact information and photograph. It was also decided that a calendar of events would be prepared for the entire year upto the end of April 2018.

   S. Thiruvengadam - Event Management

   V.T. Balaji - Estate Governance & Facilities

   L. Bhaskaran - Technology

   K.S. Arumugam - Car Parking, improvement of parking facilities

   Ponram Rajaa - Registry Interaction

   Dhakshayani Venkatesh - Human Resources & Ladies Rest Room

   Co-opted Member - Talk shows, Seminars & Conferences (when co-opted)

In addition, it was also decided to allocate the following:

S. Chidambaranathan & N.L. Rajah – MBA Heritage and Archives Committee

4. Sub Committee

Each Committee member, including Librarian and Treasurer was requested to form a Sub committee so that work could be delegated and joint decisions taken. The Committee members were requested to put up the names of Sub committee members for approval of the Committee at the next meeting. In addition to the above, the President and Secretary would personally look after the moot court along with a team, which would be announced in the next few days.

5. Treasurers report and Preparation of budget

The Committee requested the treasurer to prepare a report on the state of the finances and also prepare a budget for the year 2017 – 2018. For the next Financial year, a budget would be prepared and presented to the General Body sometime in the beginning of March 2018.

6. Committee for Car Parking

Since there were number of complaints relating to car parking, the committee requested Shri K.S. Arumugam to look into the matter with some urgency and present a report for consideration of the committee.

7. Committee to consider amendments to Advocates’ Act

The President informed the Committee members that since Mr. G. Masilamani and Mr. M. Venkatachalapathi had done some work in this regard, a committee would be formed to present a report and the issue would be debated soon after summer vacation. The President informed the Committee that he had already spoken to Mr. Masilamani in this regard and since the issue had very grave implications for the legal fraternity, the matter requires a very serious consideration. Mr. Masilamani would be assisted by a committee of lawyers and tentative names suggested were Mr. Venkatachalapathy, Mr. AR.L.Sundaresan, M.S. Krishnan, Mr. Arvindh Pandian, Mr.N.L.Rajah, Mr.T.M. Naveen and Mr. Aravind Srevatsa.

8. Co-option of Associate Member

Since various names were being considered, the Committee decided to defer this decision to the next meeting.

9. Any Other matters

a) The President requested the Secretary to circulate the complete list of members of the MBA, as are available with the Manager, to the Executive Committee. It should include the names, addresses, Date of membership, date of enrolment, telephone numbers and email IDs.

b) The President also requested the Secretary to collect from the Manager, the entire list of applications pending for membership and circulate the list to the Executive Committee Members. The list should have information on names of the candidate, the name of proposer and seconder, the date of application.

c) The committee also requested the treasurer to collect information on the entire income and expenditure for the election and circulate that to the Executive Committee members.

d) The committee decided that there would be an “At Home” on the re-opening day after the summer vacation.

e) The Committee examined the “proof” of the new directory for the year 2017-18 and since a few mistakes were noted, the President requested the Secretary and EC Member to examine the directory in detail and rectify the mistakes. It was also decided to ask members if they would like to update their information and photographs. A decision was also taken to obtain sponsorship through advertisements for printing and publishing of the directory in order to save on expenses. Till further directions, the Office was directed not to process the matter further.

f) The next meeting of the Executive Committee would be held on 5.5.2017 at 11 a.m. at MBA and request was made to the Treasurer to present the tentative budget at that time.

Since there was no other point to be discussed, the meeting ended with Vote of thanks by the Secretary.

Vijay Narayan
V.R. Kamalanathan