Secretary Desk - Madras Bar Association

Respected Seniors & Dear Members,

We are happy to inform that the Grand MBA 150 years valedictory function will be held on 28th March 2015 at The Newly constructed Auditorium situated within the High Court Campus. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India had graciously consented to be the Chief Guest of the function and Hon’ble Mr.Justice F.M.Ibrahim Kalifulla, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Mr.Justice C.Nagappan, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Hon’ble Mrs.Justice R.Banumathi, Judge, Supreme Court of India along with our Chief Justice Hon’ble Mr.Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul had graciously consented to participate as Special Guest.

The Inaugural function of the MBA 150 years celebrations was held on 15th March 2014 in a grand manner in the presence of Hon’ble Mr.Justice F.M.Ibrahim Kalifulla, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Mr.Justice C.Nagappan, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Mr.Justice Satish K.Agnihotri, Acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court, Shri K.Parasaran, Former Attorney General of India and Shri K.K.Venugopal, Former Solicitor General of India.

We have been celebrating the MBA 150 years (2014 – 2015) functions throughout the year by arranging lectures of eminent men on subjects related to Law. Lectures by eminent men like Sri Venkita Kalyanam, Personal Secretary to Father of our Nation, Sri R. Sivakumar (Actor & Social Worker), Sri Kundrakudi Ponambala Adigalar, Sri N.Gopalaswami, Former Chief Election commissioner of India, Sri S.Gurumuthy, Commentator on Economic Affairs, Visiting Faculty, IIT, Bombay, Sri Crazy Mohan, Sri B.S.Raghavan, I.A.S (Retd), Former Governor, Sri V.R.Lakshminarayan, Former DGP, Sri Prince of Arcot, Prof Dr.C.Rajkumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, O.P.Jindal Global University and Shri N.Ram (The Hindu) have been arranged by the Madras Bar Association. The List of Meetings held throughout the year has listed and enclosed herewith.




 Chief Guest

 Special Guest




 Hon'ble Mr.Justice Ibrahim Kalifulla, Judge, Supreme Court of India

 Hon'ble Mr.Justice Satish K.Agnihotri & Mr.Krishnan Venugopal

 Basic Structure of the Constitution of India - Origin and Development



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice P.Devadass


 Inherent Powers of High Court- Access to Criminal Justice



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice V.Ramasubramanian





 Hon'ble Mr.Justice S.Rajeswaran


 The Last Day of Gandhiji



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice S.Tamilvanan

 Mr.Kundrakudi Adigalar




 Hon'ble Mr.Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul


 Arts & Yoga



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice V.Dhanapalan


 Fundamental Rights under Indian Constitution-A Critical Analysis



 Hon'ble Mrs.Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana


 Elections, Law & Judiciary



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice G.M.Akbar Ali


 Section 138-Negotiable Instruments Act-Jurisdiction of Courts



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice B.Rajendran


 Indian Economy - Indian Impulses and Western Ideas



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice S.Manikumar

 Mr.Crazy Mohan

 Law, Humor and Health





 His experiences with Jawaharlal Nehru



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice M.M.Sundaresh


 From Brother to My Lord



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice T.Raja

 Prince of Arcot

 Law on Religious Harmony



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice S.Nagamuthu


 Criminal Laws



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice S.Nagamuthu


 Criminal Laws - Part II



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice M.M.Sundaresh

 Prof Dr.C.Rajkumar




 Hon'ble Mr.Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Chief Justice, Madras High Court

 Hon'ble Mr.Justice Jasti Chelameswar, Judge, Supreme Court of India

 Election Laws



 Hon'ble Mr.Justice T.S.Sivagnanam

 Mr.N.Ram (To be Held)

 Law on Secularism

On 26th November 2014 LAW DAY was celebrated in the Madras Bar Association. The Hon’ble Mr.Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Chief Justice, Madras High Court was the Chief Guest and administered the Law Day Oath. On the Law Day Celebrations it is in practice of our Association to felicitate our members who have completed 50 years of practice in the Bar by presenting a citation. And this year being 150th year of our Association the committee has decided to honour our members who have already completed 50 years standing in the Bar and members who have obtained Doctorate in Law.

On 20th December 2014 the Madras Bar Association conducted MBA Walkathon from Labour Statute, Marina Beach to MBA, High Court. The Walkathon was commenced by Hon’ble Mr.Justice M.Jaichandren, Judge, High Court, Madras and certificates were issued to members who participated in the Walkathon by Hon’ble Mr.Justice R.S.Ramanathan, Judge, High Court, Madras and by Hon’ble Mr.Justice T.Sudanthiram, Former Judge, High Court, Madras.

Every one of our member has been contributing Rs.100/- to fund the Higher Education of Students from depressed classes and four students from different communities have been enabled to join courses and the entire fees for the full course will be paid by the Madras Bar Association and the cheques and authorization letter presented by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Madras High Court on .

A Committee headed by Mr.R.Krishnamoorthy, Former Advocate General cum Senior Advocate has been formed to suggest deletions/amendments of Central and State enactments. The said Committee after due deliberations over 8 months has identified about 200 amendments and offered suggestions.

Dr. Ambedkar Law University has been requested to conduct a written exam for all the law students in the State on the subject “The 150 years of Madras High Court” and select a girl and a boy who will be honoured with a presentation of a gold medal of Hon’ble Chief Justice of India on 28th March during the valedictory function.

Immediately after the function around 1 pm on 28th March a lunch has been arranged. We have made arrangements in several orphanages/Elder homes and deaf and blind schools to feed 15000 people across the State and at Varanasi so that when the head of judiciary along with the companion Judges 15000 people would take Lunch. Arrangements have been made to transfer through facebook the said lunch from respective homes and the said scenes will be uplinked to the screens fixed in the dining hall were the lunch is offered to the guests in the High Court.

As and when the invitations are made ready we will send the same to you. Kindly treat this as our personal invitation and grace the occasion.

With Regards
Secretary, MBA